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    About us

    Shalakhin Olexandr CEO

    Shalakhin Olexandr


    BARVA.TECH is an experienced team in creating complex solutions with over 5 years of experience in fintech and blockchain. We take pride in our efficient remote work practices and continuously stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the market.

    From ideation to production

    BARVA.TECH comprehensive approach ensures that your project receives the attention it deserves. We seamlessly integrate with your team for maximum efficiency.


    BARVA.TECH provides software development services catering to businesses, startups, and technical professionals. We develop software products from scratch and provide support at every project stage.

    Experience the BARVA.TECH advantage

    • 01

      5+ Years of Expertise

      Seasoned professionals in fintech and blockchain.

    • 02

      Efficient Remote Work

      We stay productive while working remotely.

    • 03

      Continuous Learning

      Our team stays at the forefront of industry trends.

    • 04

      Client Acclaim

      Rapid and flexible project execution earns us client trust.

    Our commitment when you choose BARVA.TECH you get

    • 1

      Top-Quality Deliverables

      Our commitment to excellence shines through.

    • 2

      Open and Clear Communication

      We keep you informed at every step.

    • 3

      Fair Pricing

      Transparent and competitive pricing.

    • 4

      Trusted with Valuable Projects

      Clients entrust us with high-value ventures.

    • 5


      We deliver tangible results.

    • 6

      Swift Decision-Making

      Quick response times for your needs.

    Customer Reviews

    They've been very patient in helping me figure out the features and logic I wanted, translating my business needs into specs.

    Lior Krolewicz

    CEO, Yael Consulting

    They were fundamental in delivering a better product than I could have done myself.

    Daniel Gould

    Product & Business Lead, CryptoSwift

    They were very responsive on all mediums, regardless of the time of day.

    P3 Wealth

    Project Manager

    All requests for changes and fixes have been noted and applied well.


    Tamara Kuzheliuk

    We guarantee the result

    Rohynskyi Yevhenii Co-founder, CTO

    Rohynskyi Yevhenii

    Co-founder, CTO

    BARVA.TECH guarantees high quality and results for every project, regardless of its scale.